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by Survivor Frenzy
On day 4, Helen and Jan from Chuay Gahn paddled out to sea to get water from their source. Consciously, Helen left the map claiming that she knows where the water source is located. As the two women reached the shore of what they thought was the right location, Jan volunteered to look after the boat as Helen looked for the source. As Helen went on, she soon realized that they were in the wrong place. As it turned out, they set out towards the wrong direction and got lost.

Meanwhile, back at camp, the boys were having fun playing with the golf club and ball that Clay brought as his luxury item. What they did not know was that while they were having fun on the beach, Helen and Jan were being pummeled by strong waves in the middle of the sea. Soon after, the two women found their way to the right place. They quickly fetched some water and then headed back to camp. Almost five hours have passed since the two women left their beach, so their tribe mates were getting really worried. A few moments later, the two women came into view of the rest of their tribe.

At Sook Jai, while most of their teammates were busy building their hut, Jed and Stephanie sat by the beach talking about how foolish it is for their tribe to concentrate on shelter alone. They obviously weren't too happy with what's been happening at camp. But they were not the only ones who had something to complain about. Their refusal to help build their shelter was getting into the nerves of some of their tribe mates, who thought that they were being too lazy. But although Jed and Stephanie did not help much with the building of the hut, they did well for the tribe by preparing some water and food for their tribe mates.
Later that day, Erin, Jake, Ken, Penny and Shii Ann all went out to find better food for the tribe. They started by the beach where they collected a few clams and then proceeded to a nearby cave where they were able to collect some crabs and oysters. Back at camp, Jed, Robb and Stephanie thought that it was too unreasonable for all five of their team mates to look for food all together. That night, the three didn't join the rest of the tribe to eat and slept out on the beach. Having no shelter for protection, the three were exposed to the rain that hit the camp in the middle of the night.
Tree mail came to the tribes the next morning telling them about their next challenge. As they arrived at the challenge location, host Jeff Probst explained the instructions. Each tribe will be blindfolded and will have carry a palanquin over a course. On their way, they will pass by several stations where they have to collect small bags of their tribe's color. One member from each tribe has to sit inside their respective palanquins and serve as guides. The first team to come back to the mats wins the reward, which included equipments for gathering food. Sook Jai had one extra member so they chose to sit out Stephanie. During the whole length of the race, the competition was very stiff. But in the end, Sook Jai edged out Chuay Gahn and won the reward.
On night 5, the rest of the Chuay Gahn tribe, despite having lost the reward challenge, surprised Helen on her anniversary. They made her a crown of leaves and flowers, and gave her a song. Helen, not expecting the surprise, thought that her tribe mates were leaving her out of something during the day. She thought that there was a scheme or a plan against her. It was a plan alright, but it sure wasn't against her. Helen had tears in her eyes saying that it was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for her. She said that she would never forget what her tribe mates did for her, for the rest of her life.
The next day, news came of the Immunity Challenge. It was a giant lotus puzzle that they had to complete by unclipping the missing lotus pieces from underwater and attaching them to their tribe's lotus flower. The first tribe to attach all the missing pieces to the lotus flower and has all their tribe's members sitting on it wins immunity. This time, Sook Jai sat Shii Ann out since they can't sit the sam person out of back-to-back challenges. As usual it was a very close fight, but in the end Sook Jai retained their immunity. Chuay Gahn had to vote another one of their members off the island.

In a very emotional Tribal Council, five members of Chuay Gahn voted for Tanya while the other two voted for Helen. Although Helen's "no fun" attitude and inability to jive with the rest of the tribe cost her two votes, it wasn't enough to vote her out. Instead, Tanya's being sick the past few days cost her to be voted off the island. Although most of her tribe mates liked her so much, they felt that it was the right thing to do. As Brian said, he was just making sure that Tanya will have a nice meal that night.

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