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by Survivor Frenzy

Day 13, The Sook Jai tribe looked forward to a very hearty meal. They have decided to kill one of the chickens that they won for breakfast. It was Jake and Stephanie that woke up early to prepare and cook the chicken. As the rest of the tribe woke up, they eagerly awaited around the fire where the chicken was being boiled. As soon as it was done, they immediately began their feast and everyone enjoyed it. But while they were at it, Robb was disturbed by Shii Ann's eating habits. After she was done with the meat, she continued eating the internal organs of the chicken. From the liver, to the neck, to the heart, nothing was spared. But for Shii Ann it was nothing disturbing since she lived in Taiwan for a long time. According to her, it was totally normal in their culture.

At Chuay Gahn, Brian and Ted set out to sea early in the morning to go fishing. While the two of them were in the boat, they talked about their thoughts on the game. Eventually, the two ended up discussing about having an alliance with each other. It was Ted who offered the deal saying that Brian has his word until the end. Brian, on the other hand, graciously accepted the offer.

Back at Sook Jai, the tribe relaxed after having a hearty meal. Some of them went out to the shore to enjoy the water. Robb, being one of them, swam a little bit further. While he was on his way back to the shore, he suddenly gave out a scream and fell. The others did nothing at first, thinking that it was just Robb's natural hyperactivity. But as Robb reached the shore, they realized that Robb's foot was bleeding. Not sure of what to do, they soaked Robb's foot in hot water. Jake concluded that Robb may have been stung by a sting ray. After a while, everybody calmed down and Robb felt much better.

That night on Chuay Gahn, as the tribe was enjoying Helen's christmas carol, their boat slowly drifted away from the shore unnoticed. The next day, Ted woke up realizing that their boat is missing. The whole tribe was in shock after discovering what happened. It was the worst thing that could ever happen. Their boat is the single most important thing that they need to survive. They use it for setting up the net, for fishing, and more importantly for getting water. Knowing that they can't go fishing without the boat, the tribe desperately looked for food near the shore. While they were busy, Jan found tree mail and read it out loud to them. With the tree mail was money worth $1,000.00 which they will use to bid for food in a food auction.

At the auction, The two tribes were surprised with the offer that host Jeff Probst gave to them. They were asked if anyone of them would like to switch tribes. They were given 60 seconds to think about it after which, Jeff asked the tribes. He first asked Sook Jai, but no one answered. Quoting JP, "I'll take that as a no." He then turned to Chuay Gahn and he got the same response. With that aside, they proceeded to the auction. The two tribes outbid each other to get the food that they wanted. The Sook Jai tribe won a burger with fries, a bowl of seasoned and baked grub, and a plate of hot fudge ice cream. On the other hand, the Chuay Gahn tribe won meatball spaghetti with garlic bread, nachos and margaritas, and a pitcher of lemonade.

Going back to camp, the Chuay Gahn tribe felt better after eating a lot during the auction. It may have satsified their hunger and quenched their thirst but certainly not their disappointment over Ted, who was the one who tied their boat to the shore. The way he tied it may have been the factor why their boat easily drifted away. That's why most of the tribe, though not expressed openly, are blaming Ted. They've been giving him the cold shoulder.

The following day, tree mail informed them of the next Immunity Challenge. It was a race to sort fishes according to their kind. The first one to sort out all of the fishes correctly, by putting them into labeled bins, wins. As the race started, it was a head to head battle for immunity. At the homestretch, Chuay Gahn edged out Sook Jai and was able to put all of the fishes into the bins. Waiting to be acknowledged, JP advised them that there was one fish that was sorted incorrectly. Hearing this, Sook Jai continued to sort their fishes out. A few moments later, the Chuay Gahn tribe was able to locate their mistake and found the incorrectly sorted fish. They quickly placed it into its proper bin and they were declared the winners.

Coming back from the challenge, the Sook Jai tribe members contemplated on who they would vote for at Tribal Council. Erin and Robb, while fetching water, talked about their being annoyed with Shii Ann. Noticing that she is being talked about, Shii Ann felt concerned. Jake comforted her by saying that she just shouldn't mind their tribemates who are talking about her. In the end, Shii Ann only received two votes during Tribal Council. On the other hand, Stephanie received five votes against her, making her the fifth castaway to be voted off Koh Tarutao.

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