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EPISODE 7: ASSUMPTIONS ( << part 1 . part 2 )
by Survivor Frenzy

That night, the tribes continued their jubilation by gathering round the fire. There they ate, drank, shared stories and sang. Shii Ann was gracious enough to share a song with her fellow castaways. Brian, on the other hand, also tried to shared his music to his fellow castaways. However, his music didn't really sound good after having drunk too much alcohol. Realizing Brian's state, Ted brought him to the beach to get some air. He also thought of it as a way to strengthen their bond not just as members of an alliance, but as friends as well. While at the beach, Ted was amazed because despite being drunk, Brian still had the game in mind. Brian told Ted that they should watch out for NYC, pertaining to Ken.

The next morning, Brian approached Shii Ann offering her to join the Chuay Gahn's voting block. Shii Ann was a little bit hesitant at first but later agreed with Brian. She was concerned of breaking Jake and Ken's trust. So she decided to talk to Ken about it. She thought that it would be better if she'd tell them about her plan. But when she approached Ken, and Ken asked her about what she plans to do, she was able to say nothing but "i'm still flip-flopping right now." When Ken asked her again, she said that she'll think about it and that she'll come back to tell him about her decision. Ken was worried with Shii Ann turning against them. According to him, if she goes against them, she'll be considered a rat for the rest of her life.

When the castaways received their tree mail informing them of the next Immunity Challenge, they assumed that it was going to be for individual immunity. It talked about the island, once being the home of a prison. When they arrived at the challenge site, Jeff had a quick chat with the castaways. He asked Erin how it was living together in one camp. As Erin answered, she used the term "merge" thinking that that's really what happened. After her statement, Jeff was quick to point out that he didn't say anything about the tribes merging. He cleared that all he said was that the tribes were going to live together in one camp. After hearing this, the castaways were shocked. Then, they realized that they will still be vying for team immunity. It is still Chuay Gahn versus Sook Jai.

They then proceeded with the challenge. The castaways will be chained and locked up in a cell. From there they will have to get the keys that are hanging on poles outside the cell. There are 15 keys for 15 locks. The tribes can use everything they can find on the floor of the cell. After they have gotten all of the key and unlcoked theirselves, they now have to escape from their cell. They can only do this by digging a hole from inside the cell outward, and passing through it to get out. The first tribe to run across the finish line with all of their keys will win immunity. As the game started, the two tribes were neck and neck. Going to their last keys, both teams were tied at 14 each. As the Chuay Gahn tribe tried to get their last key it fell to the ground. The same happened to Sook Jai. However, Chuay Gahn was faster in recovering their last key and after they unlocked the last lock, they started digging. Meanwhile, Sook Jai was still trying to recover their fallen key. There was no stopping Chuay Gahn and in no time, they finished digging their hole. One by one, the members got out and ran straight to the finish line with all their 15 keys. Chuay Gahn won immunity for the third time in a row. Having lost once again, Sook Jai needed to head straight to Tribal Council.

It was an action-packed Tribal Council for Sook Jai. When asked, both Erin and Penny talked of their unhapiness with one of their tribemates. Erin wasn't happy because she feels that that particular castaway broke their trust. On the other hand, Penny felt bad because this tribemate supposedly said that she's going to be the next one voted off. Probably feeling that she's being ganged upon, Shii Ann grabbed the opportunity to speak when she was offered the floor. She said that their tribe isn't united like some of her tribemates would like to believe. She added that she has experienced the effect of this division more than anybody else. So, she said that she shouldn't be blamed for wanting to become close with members of the Chuay Gahn. She continued by saying that she have not yet lied to anyone in her tribe. She said that she had been honest to everyone since day one. In the end, she asked her other tribemates to keep her instead. With that, they began to vote. After the votes had been read, it was still Shii Ann who was voted out of the island, 4-1.

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