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Episode 11: Here we go again, another unexpected boot this week. Backstabbing Rob claims another victim in Christy. After Chris K., Linda C. falls out of contention leaving 9 still in the running.
1. Rhonda A.
heidi butch alex
winner: JEANNE
2. Oscar_Golf
alex heidi deena jeanne
winner: JEANNE
3. Forrest Jones
heidi shawna matthew alex
winner: MATTHEW
4. Chris K.
alex dave deena shawna
winner: ALEX
5. Tom
alex matthew jeanne roger
winner: ROGER
6. Joe Haskell
christy heidi butch dave
winner: ---
7. Cafunston
christy jenna roger rob
winner: JENNA
8. Linda C.
shawna christy roger alex
winner: SHAWNA
9. Errol C.
heidi shawna alex butch
winner: SHAWNA
10. SurvivorLeo
deena heidi dave alex
winner: ALEX
11. Lola and Duke
heidi jeanne matthew alex
winner: MATTHEW
IN DANGER! Heidi, Jenna, Rob
- Jenna gets sick making her an easy target. Will she win back-to-back immunities? Is it her time to go?
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