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[ Episode 11 - Sour Grapes ]
"Jenna and Heidi were under the impression that they are in the majority and that they will ride this majority 'til the end. But now, the tables have completely turned and it's Jenna and heidi who are gonna have to kiss some serious ass in the next couple of days to ensure that one of them makes it at least three more (days)." - Rob
"There's no way we're throwing in the towel. We've done all we can do, someone stabbed us in the back and eventually they'll pay." - Jenna
"Now with the two girls, it's kinda like I'm hanging out with two ex-girlfriends at the same time, that both hate me. And there's like this whole weird vibe going on and they think I'm a jerk... but I'm sorry, I am a jerk and you just didn't realize it for 31 days." - Rob
"Basically, I am an alliance of one. I am a lone wolf in this game, a mercenary if you will. I just pick up the bottom fears as I go. They go with me because I promise them the dream of getting to the end." - Rob
[ Episode 10 - Q&A ]
"My feeling was that Christy deserved the letter. She has had a really bumpy ride, and the letter would really raise her spirits. I think that Jenna was being selfish." - Matthew
"I think about my family often, but it helps to have a core group of people here to help take your mind off of your family." - Jenna
Maybe I can't trust anyone out here, but I can definitely trust people at home."- Christy
[ Episode 9 - The Chain ]
"They saw me as a threat, and I wanted to change the face of the game and vote out the people that were the strongest so that we could finish out until the end. Relationships grow and there are attachments. I got nixed." - Deena
"Every morning I give Matt a debriefing of wild goose chases I want him to work on for the day just to keep his mind busy so he doesn't have a chance to figure out what's really going on." - Rob
"Deena stabbed us all in the back, and I am so incredibly shocked, and I can't ever forgive her for that." - Jenna
[ Episode 8 - Sleeping With The Enemy ]
"He sits and sharpens his machete for an hour at a time. Matthew is kind of losing it out here. There is a weird vibe coming from him, and nobody is all that comfortable around him." - Alex
[ Episode 7 - Girls Gone Wilder ]
"I am so happy. I made it to the merger. Wow!" - Christy
"The problem with Roger is that he is loud, he is obnoxious and he's bossy, and he wants to be the leader and dictator." - Alex
"I can honestly say that it has been Rob and I that have engineered this whole turnaround, and it's not the battle of the sexes anymore, but the battle of the weaker versus the stronger. Never underestimate the power of a woman--ever!" - Deena
[ Episode 6 - More Than Meats The Eye ]
"There may be romance in the air... I am definitely a huge flirt. It feels great… Alex and I enjoy taking care of each other out here. The two of us instantly clicked. I want to get to know him better. He is an incredible person." - Shawna
"If the bikini helps me go farther in the game, I will wear it. I am sure it was good eye candy for the guys." - Jenna
"In my lifetime there are five defining moments. I now have two more. Yesterday, when Christy realized that we kept her for her talent and ability, the smile that came across her face was unbelievable... Then, today, when you helped win that Challenge, I saw that you truly knew that you were one of us. I will never forget your face. You do not have a disability." - Butch
"I strive my whole life trying to prove that very point to people and show people that there is nothing wrong with me." - Christy
[ Episode 5 - Pick-up Sticks ]
"The one thing that I like about my new tribe is that they are aware that they have somebody who is deaf, and they really try to include me... I am really glad to be in a group that this lantern is useful... In the old Jaburu tribe it was never possible. It makes me have a real good feeling inside." - Christy
"I am very surprised that Christy is deaf. I am also very surprised how well she is doing. I never would have guessed that just by watching the other tribe. It's amazing." - Roger
"It is truly ironic that the people who I set up an alliance with are now trapping me inside the game." - Shawna
"It's amazing what a little bit of testosterone can do for somebody. Boys come into the camp and Shawna is one hundred-eighty degrees better." - Deena
[ Episode 4 - Trapped ]
"Don't be mad at us because we have good bodies. It's not our fault; get over it. Me and Heidi have the better bodies of the group and wanted to be on a tribe with men, because women can just get pissed about that fact and just vote us off for that reason." - Jenna
[ Episode 3- Girl Power ]
"Matthew is my best friend out here. When he tells you something, he means it..." - Daniel
"The cuter girls--me, Jenna and Shawna--went away from the older girls because we are younger and cuter and we have better bodies..." - Heidi
[ Episode 2 - Storms ]
"I have no idea what's going on. I don't know when I need to join the group. Everytime I'm there, people just move away or they don't include me." - Christy
"We don't have the necessary stuff to survive right now. We are not surviving. I know the guys are much better off than us." - Shawna
"The reason why finding the granola bar in our little chest upset me is because... we came out here to play a game, play fair. We knew we were not going to get any food... and I don't like cheaters." - Jeanne
"First of all, I'm straight so I don't know what it is to be homosexual, and Roger's straight so he doesn't know either. What it comes down to is if it's what makes you happy and if it's not hurting anybody, then who cares." - Alex
[ Episode 1 - Girls vs. Boys ]
"It's okay, we are Amazon women, and we'll make it. We will toughen up and make it through to the end and kick the guys' butts." - Jeanne
"I give the girls a ton of credit. This is Billie Jean King against Bobby Riggs for the new millennium. I know what's riding on this." - Rob
"As soon as it gets dark, that's where my communication breaks down, because I can't see to read their lips. I am missing out on a lot of information. I am totally different from them, but this always happens, and I am at a big disadvantage." - Christy
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