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[ News ]
TRAPPED: Jaburu's New Core Alliance Struggles

Having lost the immunity challenge, the core alliance in Jaburu faced a dilemma. Shawna, who's been sick for the last couple of days, was begging her allies to vote for her, telling them that she can't think of herself surviving for the next couple of weeks. Thinking that their control over the majority may fall if Shawna goes, the other three (Deena, Heidi & Jenna) strategized a plan to keep her in the game. They approached Christy and asked her if she could vote for JoAnna instead of Shawna. In the end, their plan succeeded eliminating the strong JoAnna, 4-2-1.

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[ Next Episode ]
- Just when the tribes start to get comfortable, a surprise tempts them with the opportunity of some new dynamics.
- Accusations fly at the women's camp when Jeanne secretly overhears a conversation, which leads her to declare a new attitude.
- Just as the men become confident that they have mastered their environment, Alex is suddenly hit with an injury.
[ Quote Unquote ] episode 04
"Don't be mad at us because we have good bodies. It's not our fault; get over it. Me and Heidi have the better bodies of the group and wanted to be on a tribe with men, because women can just get pissed about that fact and just vote us off for that reason." - Jenna
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[ Survivor News Bits ] updated: 03/04/03
- Survivor has caused yet another casualty, but this time it is not among its contestants. Neither is it because of the environment. Host Jeff Probst have reportedly been suffering because of an abnormally full bladder which, was previously misdiagnosed as a prostate problem. This was said to be caused by his restrainment from urinating during his time in the jungle.
Probst admitted that he sometimes did this because he did not want to be a cause of delay for the show's taping. This is another addition to his long list of misadventures during tapings of previous seasons. It can be remembered that he got electrocuted because he urinated in an electric fence. He also got stung by a jellyfish near his genitals and also had a close encounter with a reticulated python.
- Daniel Lue, the 27 year-old tax accuntant from Clear Lake, was reported to have suffered from malaria recently. Even though reports say that he took preventive medications for diseases, including malaria, before going to the Amazon, blood tests showed that he had contracted the virus.
The good thing is that he is already feeling well and his temperature is back to normal after it went up to 105 degrees. We are all hoping for his full recovery.
[ Final Four ]
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Recap the action during the Tribal Council. Who voted for whom and JoAnna's final words. click here
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[ Pic of the Week ]
Host Jeff Probst shows the survivors the weapon of one of the most dangerous fishes in the world, the Piranha. During the Immunity Challenge, the tribes had to catch many of this native Amazonian fish.
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