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Episode 4: Gender Bender

tribe: Chuay Gahn

voted off: Ghandia Johnson

The Votes
against Clay - 2 against Ghandia - 4    
- Ghandia - Brian    
- Jan - Clay    
  - Helen    
- Ted    
Ghandia's Final Words

I played this game! I had fun every day. But the people that I was with, it just didn't work out. I made a big mistake in trying to play one side against the other side because of an event that happened to me that I should have just let go. But unfortunately, the evil Ghandia came to rule her ugly head, and the good Ghandia just couldn't stop her until it was too late.

However, I had a ball being here! I lasted 12 days and I rocked! I'm really proud of what I did, and it was really a pleasure to share this experience with the people that I shared it with. I wish all the people that are still playing good luck.

Big ups to my people in Cali; big ups to my people in Denver holding it down for me. Sly, Sampson, Savion: I love you all so much. Big ups to my people in the Louie, and know that I just had a fabulous time, and when I get home, it's just gonna be on!

I actually made it on SURVIVOR! That is the biggest thing for a fan like me; it's just the bomb! But it was a lot tougher than I expected: the sun was a lot hotter than I expected; the humidity was a lot higher than I anticipated; the Challenges were kick-ass. I had fun playing those games, but they were hard. I just had fun. I took it day by day and I just played the best I could with the hand I was dealt, and this is where I am now.

I had fun every day, though, sleeping out in the elements and gathering my own food and eating leaf soup; all of that was just awesome. I took the longest swim of my life; I tested myself and pushed myself to the limits; I tapped into the warrior inside, and I kicked ass! So everybody know that this has been really a wonderful, wonderful experience. The one thing that I want to say in the end is that the truth will set you free.

Episode 3: Family Values

tribe: Sook Jai

voted off: Jed Hildebrand

The Votes
against Jed - 5 against Shii Ann - 3 against John - 6
- Erin - Jed - Brian - Jan
- Jake - Robb - Clay - Tanya
- Ken - Stephanie - Ghandia - Ted
- Penny
- Shii Ann
Jed's Final Words

Well I came to Thailand for a few things. One was to try and cooperate and work with 16 other individuals the best I could, and to show Jesus Christ through my actions. Hopefully some of that was shown and people will take it for what it's worth.

You don't see anything coming but any time you go to Tribal Council your head is on the chopping block whether it be a threat or whether you rub people the wrong way. I just hope that everyone else takes a step back and enjoys the beauty of Thailand and the awesomeness of this experience.

I want to thank Steph for being a great person and helping out with everything. And I hope that everyone learns little bit about survival out here. And a little about who they are and who they want to be in life, I know I have.

It's been an awesome experience and I thank God for giving it to me. The Lord was very nice to us some days and helped me bond with some people here and I'll cherish those for a lifetime. So I thank him for that and thank and for the beauty and everyday life. You should be more thankful for the little things in life now after being through something as trying and hurtful and emotional as this and I'll take y'all with me and it'll make me stronger.

Episode 2: The Great Divide

tribe: Chuay Gahn

voted off: Tanya Vance

The Votes
against Helen - 2 against Tanya - 5    
- Ghandia - Brian - Jan  
- Tanya - Clay - Ted  
- Helen    
Tanya's Final Words

Chuay Gahn, this has been the opportunity of a lifetime. I just love every one of you, and I hope you do great. I hope you all bring it in, and win the million dollars--at least one of you!

It's been the best opportunity, and I really want you to know that I'm not mad at any of you for picking me. I hope you have a great time. Thanks: it was the opportunity of a lifetime. I learned that I take things at home for granted. It has been a great experience, and it's a lot harder than it looks on TV!

Episode 1: The Importance Of Being Eldest

tribe: Chuay Gahn

voted off: John Raymond

The Votes
against Clay - 1 against Ghandia - 1 against John - 6  
- Helen - John - Brian - Jan
- Clay - Tanya
- Ghandia - Ted
John's Final Words
Well, I get the distinguished honor of being the first one voted off [SURVIVOR: THAILAND]. This is quite a surprise for me. I didn't think there were any alliances on the team, but I guess they were and I just wasn't a part of it.

But I enjoyed all of my teammates, and we had a good time out here. It's been an incredible experience. I hope I'm not an embarrassment to my church and my family. It's just been wonderful doing this. I wish everybody the best, especially Tanya and Helen. I think they're incredible; they can go all the way. Good luck to you both! It's been wonderful. God bless you, and see you back home!

I want to say hi to my sweetheart: I love you, Liz! John Derek, Monica and Benjamin, you're the light of my life. I'm so happy that you're my family and I belong to you and I know you're pulling for me. I'll see you soon. We'll have a good time. God bless you!

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