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Episode 11: Sour Grapes
tribe: Jacare
voted off: Christy Smith
click here for episode 11's TC transcript
The Votes
against Christy - 4 against Jenna - 2
- Heidi - Butch    
- Jenna - Christy    
- Matthew      
- Rob      
Christy's Final Words

I am pissed off--so pissed off! I didn't deserve to be voted out--I didn't! So, what goes around comes around? Is that what the case is? I developed trust, and I knew from day one, don't trust anybody. So if you're going to be on SURVIVOR, just don't trust anybody, and try to play the game however the game is supposed to be played.

Bravo, bravo! I made it 33 days: yay! That's a big accomplishment, a BIG accomplishment.

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