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Episode 3: Family Values

tribe: Sook Jai

voted off: Jed Hildebrand

The Votes
against Jed - 5 against Shii Ann - 3 against John - 6
- Erin - Jed - Brian - Jan
- Jake - Robb - Clay - Tanya
- Ken - Stephanie - Ghandia - Ted
- Penny
- Shii Ann
Jed's Final Words

Well I came to Thailand for a few things. One was to try and cooperate and work with 16 other individuals the best I could, and to show Jesus Christ through my actions. Hopefully some of that was shown and people will take it for what it's worth.

You don't see anything coming but any time you go to Tribal Council your head is on the chopping block whether it be a threat or whether you rub people the wrong way. I just hope that everyone else takes a step back and enjoys the beauty of Thailand and the awesomeness of this experience.

I want to thank Steph for being a great person and helping out with everything. And I hope that everyone learns little bit about survival out here. And a little about who they are and who they want to be in life, I know I have.

It's been an awesome experience and I thank God for giving it to me. The Lord was very nice to us some days and helped me bond with some people here and I'll cherish those for a lifetime. So I thank him for that and thank and for the beauty and everyday life. You should be more thankful for the little things in life now after being through something as trying and hurtful and emotional as this and I'll take y'all with me and it'll make me stronger.

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