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Episode 4: Gender Bender

tribe: Chuay Gahn

voted off: Ghandia Johnson

The Votes
against Clay - 2 against Ghandia - 4    
- Ghandia - Brian    
- Jan - Clay    
  - Helen    
- Ted    
Ghandia's Final Words

I played this game! I had fun every day. But the people that I was with, it just didn't work out. I made a big mistake in trying to play one side against the other side because of an event that happened to me that I should have just let go. But unfortunately, the evil Ghandia came to rule her ugly head, and the good Ghandia just couldn't stop her until it was too late.

However, I had a ball being here! I lasted 12 days and I rocked! I'm really proud of what I did, and it was really a pleasure to share this experience with the people that I shared it with. I wish all the people that are still playing good luck.

Big ups to my people in Cali; big ups to my people in Denver holding it down for me. Sly, Sampson, Savion: I love you all so much. Big ups to my people in the Louie, and know that I just had a fabulous time, and when I get home, it's just gonna be on!

I actually made it on SURVIVOR! That is the biggest thing for a fan like me; it's just the bomb! But it was a lot tougher than I expected: the sun was a lot hotter than I expected; the humidity was a lot higher than I anticipated; the Challenges were kick-ass. I had fun playing those games, but they were hard. I just had fun. I took it day by day and I just played the best I could with the hand I was dealt, and this is where I am now.

I had fun every day, though, sleeping out in the elements and gathering my own food and eating leaf soup; all of that was just awesome. I took the longest swim of my life; I tested myself and pushed myself to the limits; I tapped into the warrior inside, and I kicked ass! So everybody know that this has been really a wonderful, wonderful experience. The one thing that I want to say in the end is that the truth will set you free.

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