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Episode 7: Assumptions

tribe: Sook Jai

voted off: Shii Ann Huang

The Votes
against Penny - 1 against Shii Ann - 4    
- Shii Ann - Erin    
  - Jake    
  - Ken    
  - Penny    
Shii Ann 's Final Words

Well, I committed the classic error of plotting and scheming too much! This has been such a fun game, and in spite of everything that's been said and all the things that have been revealed, honestly, everyone who played this game was awesome and a really good person at heart. This is just a game, so please, I humbly ask you not to take anything personally. This has been a really, really, really humbling experience for me, and it's been really fun. It's an awesome game, and anyone who's lucky enough to play it, my hat's off to you & good luck to the rest of you who are still in the game. No hard feelings. As for me, I'm really honored to be the first Asian American playing this game, and I hope I did not embarrass too many people out there who might consider me some sort of…first Asian American…I don't know. Anyway, Mom and my family and my friends, I'm so embarrassed at so many parts of this game, I hope that you guys will all understand, forgive and just laugh, "Miss Shii Ann, again, is out here causing trouble all over the jungle and being a bad girl." You know me. I don't know, I don't really have that much to say except for: Thailand is beautiful; the jungle is amazing; I'm really, really lucky that I've had 21 days on this island. The last 3 days were really some of the best days of my life, and I really, really did end up having a great time! Good night, thanks for watching, and sorry for all the embarrassing/insulting/not-so-graceful moments. Good night!

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