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Episode 9: The Chain
tribe: Jacare
voted off: Deena Bennett
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Tribal Council Transcript

Jeff Probst: Welcome to Tribal Council. We noe bring in the first member of our jury. Dave is here only to observe. Just gathering information to help in a very important decision. Heidi, what the heck is going on with your knee?

Heidi: I wish I knew! I mean, it's getting better though, it's getting better and I think honsetly probably in two days, I'll be good to go.

J.P.: Did it concern you at all? I mean, this is an individual game.

Heidi: Yes, oh my gosh yes. we're sitting here okay, my strongest assets to this group are athletic ability and intelligence and hello... one of those is gone right now.

J.P.: which one?

Heidi: Well, that's a very good question.

J.P.: Deena, now that we are in the jury phase of this game, have you noticed any palpable change in the game?

Deena: Game is on! People are jocking for positions, there's a struggle for, and I wouldn't say power, but there's a struggle to see who has power. You bet, absolutely a change, people are a little on the edge. It's no longer about survival in the Amazon, it's survival in the Survivor game.

J.P.: Alex, you start to notice or maybe think you're noticing people whispering or pairing off a little more often than they used to?

Alex: To some extent, sure. You can't help but get a little bit paranoid. You start asking yourself questions about like, whether or not ethics enters into the game or not. Do you stab someone in the back? It's a balancing act for sure. Let's see what happens.

J.P.: Matthew, how important was immunity for you to have?

Matthew: Immunity was a nice thing to have today. But for me, uhh... personally, based on what I know about the tribe and feelings and the mood of the tribe, it wasn't absolutely essential.

J.P.: So are you willing to negotiate for it?

Matthew: No.

J.P.: Alex, how nice would it be for you to have that necklace tonight?

Alex: I'd love to have that necklace. I wanna finish this game. I wanna win this game. I don't get into competitions to go, "yeah it's cool, i'm done now." It's not why I do it and if my name comes up... well, then my name comes up. I don't have any control over it.

J.P.: Deena, feel good about how you played the game?

Deena: thus far, yes. If my name comes up, it would have come down to a bug. I mean essentially... okay, spawned out of the pit of hell. But that thing, that's what separates Matt and I... is swallowing one giant ugly grub.

J.P.: It is time to vote. Christy, you're first.

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