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by Survivor Frenzy
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"In Thailand, the elders are respected." This was the underlying theme of the first episode of Survivor: Thailand. The 16 new castaways had no idea whatsoever about the twist that was about to happen. Thinking that they will be separated by gender, they were advised by host Jeff Probst that it wasn't so. Finally, Probst called on the oldest male and female castaway and they were assigned to form the tribes. They chose the tribal locations and picked their members. The two tribes were then formed: Chuay Gahn (red) and Sook-Jai (purple).

After they were formed, the two tribes immediately headed for their beaches to set up camp. Upon arriving at their respective beaches, they realized the pros and cons of the locations they chose. The Chuay Gahn tribe's location had a cave, making shelter the least of their problems. Their main concern was the location of their water source, which was quite far from their camp. On the other hand, the Sook Jai tribe did not have any problem wit their water source because it was just a few meters off their camp. But unlike Chuay Gahn, they do not have a cave for shelter so they had to build their own from scratch.

On Day 3, the castaways received a tree mail informing them of their first challenge. As they arrived at challenge beach they were briefed by Jeff Probst about the immunity challenge. It was a challenge involving brains and brawn. The two tribes had to race around the island, stopping at three stations where one team member has to do a certain task. The three tasks can either be mental or physical. After a task is finished, they get a flag of their tribe's color. The first team to come back with all their three flags wins immunity.
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As the race kicked off, the Chuay Gahn tribe was able to gain an early lead because of their outstanding control of their boat. They kept that lead until the third station where Ghandia was assigned to solve the traditional Thai puzzle. Because it took her a long time to figure out the puzzle, Sook Jai was able to catch up. Jed was assigned to do the job for their tribe, finishing the puzzle ahead of Ghandia. While Ghandia kept on figuring out the puzzle, the Sook Jai tribe paddled their way to the finish line. Ghandia finished at last and Chuay Gahn tried to catch up, but it was too late. Sook Jai had won immunity.
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Coming back to camp after the immunity challenge, Ghandia broke into tears feeling responsible for their loss. She couldn't help but feel vulnerable having thrown their huge lead that made them lost the challenge. Aside from her, Tanya also felt vulnerable because she hasn't been feeling well the past couple of days. It was a very difficult tribal council for Chuay Gahn. Tears came falling from their eyes as they watched fellow tribemate John Raymond go after being voted off the island, 6-1-1.
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