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- members of BARRAMUNDI, the merge tribe.
TINA WESSON: The Queen of the Outback
The whole world watched as 40 year-old Tina Wesson was crowned Survivor: The Australian Outback. The registered nurse from Knoxville, Tennessee became only the second person and the first woman to win the title. According to her, she hopes that her win will serve as an inspiration and empower all women across America.
During the reunion Tina expressed how thankful she was to runner-up Colby Donaldson for her win. Having immunity, Colby would have had a better shot at winning the million if he had voted Tina off during the second to the last Tribal Council, and went head to head with Keith. But still, he chose to boot Keith off and bring Tina with him to the final stage of the game. In the end, Tina got more votes for her and beat Colby by a margin of only one vote.
The Last Days at the Australian Outback
Day 40. The three remaining castaways (Colby, Keith and Tina) were each given a small piece of log which they decorated and made their own.
Day 41. Jeff Probst met the castaways and instructed the three to follow a path to remember the castaways that have gone before them. Along the path were the torches of the other thirteen castaways. The path led to a cliff where the castaways were told to reflect and where they offered the logs that they have decorated to the land that "has given so much to them." The three then proceeded to Tribal Council where the last Immunity Challenge will also take place. Colby won "Fallen Comrades" challenge. To the surprise of many, Colby voted Keith off.
Day 42. The final two castaways (Colby and Tina) faced the jury of seven where they were asked to open with statements. After which, the seven jury members were asked to give statements as well or ask questions to help them make up their minds for the final vote. When everyone was finished, the voting began. The results were revealed during the live show. Tina won 4-3.
The Final Votes
for Colby - 3 for Tina - 4
- Amber - Alicia
- Nick - Elisabeth
- Rodger - Jerri
  - Keith
[ Favorites ]
Find out who among the castaways of season two, made it to the top 20 all-time favorite survivors list.
[ Quote Unquote ]
"You wanna keep playing this game, you better get a little more ruthless." - Elisabeth
"There's nothing fair about this (game), it's about winning." - Jerri
"As this game is coming to an end, I think that I have evolved. That who I started out as in this game, is not who I've ended up as. I have developed more into this strategy, and it worked to get me from 16 to 3." - Tina
"Trusting people in this game will get you in trouble, and even quicker it will get you gone. That's because it's a game, and in a way that's where it parallel's life but in a way that's where it differs from life." - Colby
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