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merge tribe: CHUAY JAI
It was a Tribal Council like no other. Sparks flew as the jury of seven grilled the final two, Brian and Clay, with their questions. The jury asked questions ranging from racism to honesty to loyalty. The two remaining castaways went through the needle's eye, barely answering all that was thrown at them. In the end, Brian edged Clay out by just one vote, making him the winner of Survivor: Thailand. He receives 1 million dollars and a brand new car. CBS Summary
Click here to recap the action at Tribal Council. Who voted for whom and their final words.
See the views from Koh Tarutao last updated: 10/05/02.
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-- Watch as 16 strangers are stranded voluntarily in an unfamiliar environment. There, they will be forced to live together and work to build a new society while trying to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other to emerge as the sole and ultimate survivor, and win 1 million dollars. Catch the sixth season of Survivor in the Amazon rainforest this February, 2003.
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[ Popularity Poll ] week 11
brian Brian caught up with Ken as they are now tied at the no. 1 spot, each garnering 25% of the votes.
erin Erin continues to edge out her rivals, staying at no. 1 with a 23% share. Shii Ann is still close with 22%.
[ Survivor News Bits ] last updated: 12/06/02
-- Jeff Probst will host "Survivor: Thailand - The Reunion," which will be aired immediately after the show's two-hour season finale. This is the first time that he will host the reunion show. In the first three season's of Survivor, Bryant Gumbel hosted the reunion. Meanwhile, Rosie O' Donnell took over the job in the fourth season.
According to CBS' press release, "...Viewers will hear their stories of what life was really like on the rugged Thai island... and how their lives and relationships may have changed as a result." The one-hour live reunion show will take place in the CBS studios in L.A.
-- In a recent radio interview, Survivor producer Mark Burnett confirmed plans of staging an "All-Star Survivor." But contrary to what others are saying, the all-star season would probably include previous Survivor contestants and not Hollywood celebrities. He included that the fans could have a chance to choose who they would like to appear on the show by voting for their favorites.
Mark Burnett also elaborated on some possible scenarios. According to him, he could probably put two castaways from each season to compete. Therefore, the all-star season would probably be the show's ninth season.
-- A recent article on The National Enquirer talked about Penny's recent wedding to long-time boyfriend Matt Otwell. According to the tabloid, Penny wanted her wedding to be perfect so she made most of the arrangements before she went on Survivor. Among Penny's guests were her friends and fellow Survivors Erin, Jed and Clay. Photos of the newlyweds showed Penny looking exquisite in her wedding dress which, was said to have needed some altering after she came back from the island 10 pounds lighter.
The article also included some spoiler-worthy information. Quoting its opening sentence, "Gorgeous Penny Ramsey didn't win the $1 million prize as a contestant on Survivor: Thailand." Although, according to the article, she did go far in the game saying that "she lasted longer than many." The fact also that she became close with Clay, which is from the other tribe, indicates that she had a lot of time to bond with him during the merge. Now, whether the information on the article is true, we're not sure. After all, it is a tabloid.
Analysis, Speculations and Predictions
contributed by Jeff Schoch
Three contestants stand out to me as I mentally review Episode 2 of "Survivor Thailand." They are Jed Hildebrand, Jan Gentry and Brian Heidik. Jed is darker than I imagined; Jan is dimmer; and Brian is just downplayed. Whether it's part of their strategies, part of Mark Burnett's editing or a combination of both, it's clear to me these are three to keep an eye on. Full Article
-- Horns, Drums and Chants: A "Survivor" World by Jeff Schoch
[ Final Four ]
Final Four
[ Choice Quotes ]
"We suffered a lot out here, but looking back on it, wow! What a memorable event." Clay (ep 13)
"The burning of the boat was like a cleansing of the soul. I wanted to get rid of any bad energy. It's over; it's actually over." Brian (ep 13)
"Brian... you are the epitome of the trashy used car salesman. You duped me, you made a fool of me, you strung me along." Helen (ep 13)
"Brian, you truly are a great used car salesman. You sold me your friendship, your openness to cultural diversity. But most of all you sold me your word, and all to find out that each one of those qualities were lemons." Ted (ep 13)
"I don't know if that's just Jan being emotional, or she's really losing it out here." Brian (ep 6)
"A wise man knows much but speaks little. A fool knows little but speaks far too much." Shii Ann (ep 6)
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