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by Survivor Frenzy

Day 16, at Sook Jai, Robb talked to Penny about the game and the truthfulness of the people in the tribe. He asked Penny if she had any intention of voting against him during the previous Tribal Council. In reply, Penny said that it didn't even cross her mind to vote Robb off. Robb then said that Ken told him that Penny was going to vote against her. Penny thought that Robb may be thinking that Ken is playing both sides. After his conversation with Penny, Robb went straight to Ken and confronted him about the issue. He told Ken what he thought. And as Ken realized the accusations being thrown at him, he defended himself resulting to a heated argument. The rest of the tribe just looked on as the two continued fighhting. It finally ended with Robb walking away.

On the other side of the island, Helen and Jan swam together to get water. Jan expressed her frustrations about the loss of their boat. She said that it would have been much easier to do such tasks if they had it. Helen felt the same. After the two women came back to camp, the men decided to look for their missing boat. They figured that the boat could have been caught in the small island opposite their beach. As the men began their swim towards the island, Helen expressed her concern. According to her, land may look near when you're in the water. She was concerned that the guys might encounter some huge problems. Luckily, Brian, Clay and Ted reached the small island without experiencing any major problem. Although, they weren't as thrilled when they reached the island. There was no sign of their boat at all. They went back to camp unsuccessful.

Back at Sook Jai, the Ken-Robb conflict is becoming worse. Robb took some bananas from their basket and ate them. Ken, of course, wasn't so happy about it. According to him, the whole tribe have agreed to wait for the bananas to become ripe before they eat them. He added that it is unfair to the rest of the tribe. On the other hand, Robb said he was hungry and he felt that he didn't have to ask permission. He added that he also worked hard to win the food so he deserves to have some. While the two were in the middle of their discussion, Shii Ann tried to butt in with her thoughts. However, Penny advised her to stay out of it and let the two men work things out between each other.

Later that day, the two tribes competed at the Reward Challenge. It was a game wherein the tribes have to catch the Takraw balls shot to them by their teammate, while trying to prevent the other tribe from catching theirs. The first tribe to catch five balls win. As the game started, Sook Jai easily led Chuay Gahn 4-1. Robb caught all the four balls for Sook Jai, facing weak opposition from Brian. Realizing their position, Chuay Gahn called for a time out. When they returned, Brian and Ted switched guards. Ted was now guarding Robb. As the game progressed, it turned out to be a very good move for Chuay Gahn as they jumped back to tie the game 4-4. Robb, guarded by Ted, had a very tough time catching the balls. But thanks to Ken, Robb's efforts didn't go to waste as he caught Sook Jai's fifth ball that won them the reward. Their reward was a Thai feast complete with some music and Thai dancers. The tribe enjoyed their reward very much. According to Shii Ann, for the first time it felt like they were real friends just hanging out with each other.

Back at Chuay Gahn, the tribe contemplated their loss. Ted expressed his disappointment saying that it is especially hard knowing that you gave it your best shot. The tribe mainly attributed their loss to being tired because of all the swimming they did to fetch water and to find the boat. The next day, the tribe woke up to a beautiful sunrise. Ted expressed his anticipation of the merge. The rest figured that they have to win the next immunity to be in a good position once they merge with the other tribe. Later, Ted talked to Brian about their alliance. Ted advised Brian to be cautious since he suspects that Clay is on to them.

At Sook Jai, Ken and Robb went for a walk through the jungle. They came across a cave where they had a little talk. Robb talked about how amazing it is to be there and that he should cherish his time there because he may never come back again. As they continued, Ken talked to Robb about learning to listen. Ken said that all his efforts to help Robb would just go to waste if he kept doing what he's been doing. In the end, Robb was "enlightened" and confessed to have changed his entire perspective of the whole experience and of his life. The two came back at peace with one another.

While the rest of the Chuay Gahn tribe was looking for clams by the shore, Jan caught their attention saying that they need to have a funeral. When Helen asked her why, she said that she found a dead baby bat. Helen took a look at it and according to her it wasn't even a baby bat yet, she said that it's still in its embryonic stage. Nevertheless, Jan felt very emotional about the death of the baby bat. She dug a hole on the ground, buried the little bat, and even placed a small cross on top. Brian commented that he's not sure whether Jan was just being too emotional, or she's really losing it out there. Later that day, they received tree mail informing them of their next challenge.

The Immunity Challenge was a mental test. The game was called "Thai 21." There are 21 flags inside a circle. The two tribes will take turns in removing flags from the circle. They can either remove 1, 2, or 3 flags in each turn. At the end of the game, the tribe that gets to remove the last flag wins. It was a difficult challenge for the tribes, as both struggled in making decisions throughout the game. But in the end, Chuay Gahn outsmarted Sook Jai and won Immunity for the second time in a row.

It was a heartbreaking loss for Sook Jai. According to Ken, this is the first challenge they lost that he felt very bad about. That night, the tribe opened the wines that they won before and gathered to have a talk. Robb talked about the changes that occurred to him during his time in Thailand. According to him, it changed his entire perspective on life. He added that he realized how important one's family really is, and that he misses his family more than ever. He said that whatever happens, he'll be going home a winner. After hearing Robb, Ken and Shii Ann expressed their thoughts about him. They agreed to the fact that no matter what their differences are with Robb, they think that he is a really good man.

The next morning, Sook Jai cooked another of their chickens. According to Jake, it may not be the best time to cook it but he felt that they had to do it. The day was unusually quiet for Sook Jai. That night, they went to Tribal Council. There, they expressed how grateful they are to Robb for inspiring their growth. Everyone agreed that it's probably the worst Tribal Council they ever had. According to Shii Ann, it was especially hard to vote someone off because the tribe had become very close during the couple of days that passed. But still they had to make a decision. In the end, Robb was voted out of the island, 5-1.

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