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merge tribe: SOLIANTU
*Swapped members are bordered by their original tribe's color. SOLIANTU members have pink backgrounds.  
VECEPIA TOWERY: The Ultimate Survivor

Vecepia Towery, the 36 year-old office manager from Portland, Oregon was crowned as the sole survivor in a live broadcast from Central Park, New York. She was up against 21 year-old Neleh Dennis in the final tribal council where the seven members of the jury voted for the sole survivor. On her way to the finals, Vecepia won the second to the last immunity that assured her of a spot in the final three. The next day, after Kathy fell out of the last immunity challenge, Vecepia negotiated with Neleh telling her that she would give up the immunity if Neleh would take her to the final two. Neleh agreed and voted Kathy off. In the end, Vee edged Neleh out by just 1 vote.
[ Survivor News Bits ] last updated: 11/19/02
-- Survivor: Marquesas contestant Sean Rector had his acting debut last November 14 in the CBS series "Without A Trace." He played a gangster type named "Radio," who was picked up by police during a murder investigation and was interrogated by detectives. Rector's venture into drama is nothing new. Earlier this year, SurvivorNews.Net (SNN) - the first to report Rector's participation in Survivor - quoted him as an "aspiring actor" together with Gabriel Cade.
The Last Days at Nuku Hiva
Day 37. Vecepia won "Fallen Comrades" Immunity Challenge. Kathy and Neleh saw theirselves deadlocked at TC. New rules say that they must form a unanimous decision on who to vote out or draw stones to know who should go. They chose the latter procedure and drew stones in which two are yellow & one is purple. Being the last to choose, Paschal got the different colored stone and was removed from the tribe.
Day 38. Jeff Probst woke the castaways up at 3 am. They were made to build a canoe and paddle themselves to the place where they have to tattoo themselves like the natives do. After that, they hiked their way up the mountain where they remembered their fellow castaways. They then went to a place where they cleansed themselves traditionally. When all of these were done, they went to their last Immunity Challenge which was a test of endurance. Neleh won immunity. During the tribal council, Neleh voted Kathy off.
Day 39. The final two castaways faced the jury of seven where they were asked to open with statements. After which, the seven jury members were asked to give statements as well or ask questions to help them make up their minds for the final vote. When everyone was finished, the voting began. The results were revealed during the live show.
[ Survivors' Picks ]
Going to the finale, both Richard's and Ethan's bets were still standing: Paschal and Vee. Ultimately, the champion of the first season got it right. Vecepia Towery became the ultimate and sole survivor of Marquesas.
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