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merge tribe: Rattana
*RATTANA members have their names bordered by the merge color.  
Richard Hatch, the 28 year-old Corporate Trainer from Rhode Island, outlasted 15 other brave souls to become the sole survivor. The whole world watched as Hatch won against Kelly Wiglesworth in the final vote, 4-3. Accompanying the title, Hatch got a paycheck amounting to 1 million dollars. On the other hand, Wiglesworth took home a hundred thousand dollars for being the runner-up. The final episode attracted over 50 million viewers across the United States.
The show started out with the final four battling it out for immunity: Rich, Kelly, Susan and Rudy. The first immunity challenge was "Fallen Comrades." Host Jeff Probst asked questions about the other castaways. The first castaway to answer 10 questions correctly wins. Kelly won that challenge. Tribal Council followed Immediately. During the voting, Susan and Rich saw theirselves tied with two votes each. Probst then called for a re-vote and the two were asked to plead for their life in the island. Only Rudy and Kelly were allowed to vote and they unanimously voted Susan off.
The following day, the three remaining castaways battled it out for immunity once more. This time it was a test of endurance, concentration, and determination. They were made to hold the immunity idol while standing on top of logs. Whoever stays there the longest without taking their hands off the idol wins. Once again, Kelly won and was the only one allowed to vote during the Tribal Council. There, she voted Rudy off.
On the last day, Kelly and Rich saw theirselves in front of the seven jury members for the final vote that will ultimately decide who wins. The jury members were allowed to ask questions or make statements to help them further in deciding who to vote for. In the end, the majority of the jury wanted Rich to take home the prize, making him the first Survivor winner. (Source: CBS Official Survivor Site)
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