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by Survivor Frenzy

Day 6, coming back from Tribal Council, Chuay Gahn reiterated how they still feel like they're a family. According to them, when they got together on day 1, they didn't know each other's characters and attitude. But they were able to accept and complement each other however different their personalities are. Ghandia also confessed how happy she is that Ted is with her on Chuay Gahn. She said that it's very hard for her to be away from her husband, but thanks to Ted she feels like her husband is with her. That night, they slept beside each other which would've been normal given the circumstances if Ted didn't have his arms around Ghandia, hugging her very tight. The next morning, realizing what had happened, Ghandia told Ted how she felt about what happened that night. She said that she felt "trashy" because of what Ted did to her. Ted, on the other hand, expressed his apologies to Ghandia telling her that he wasn't fully aware of what was going on. He said that he was thinking about his wife that night. Ghandia accepted his apologies and everything went okay at Chuay Gahn that morning, and they were raring to go to the Reward Challenge.

Meanwhile on Sook Jai, the tribe got up from a bad sleep. Jake had blisters all over his feet which, Shii Ann described as the worst blisters she has ever seen. Everyone else felt really tired and weak not having enough food for energy. Robb even exclaimed that it's the weakest he has ever felt. Some members thought that it was especially difficult for the big guys because they need a lot of fuel for their body to have energy. The team was really hoping that the next reward would be food, so they would be relieved of their hunger.

The next Reward Challenge came and it would require the two tribes to pirate things from their opponent's boat and put it on theirs. Only two team members can go at the same time. The opposing teams can throw each other off to the water through contact to prevent each other from successfully completing a pirate. However, they can only make contact if they are on the attack zone. If not, that team member will be disqualified and the opposing team will get something from their tribe's boat. As the game started, Sook Jai led with more stuff taken from the other tribe. However, their members were eliminated one by one because they kept on initiating contact even if they're not on the attack zone. As a consequence, Chuay Gahn got a lot of the other tribe's stuff and went on to win. For their reward, a team of red berets (the equivalent of U.S. green berets) stayed on the Chuay Gahn tribe for 24 hours and showed them how to best utilize all the resources found in their camp.

Going back to camp, Robb expressed how sore he was upon losing to Chuay Gahn. As he kept on sour-graping, his other tribemates just looked on. Meanwhile, the Chuay Gahn tribe were busy finding out about all the things that they can use for food and survival. While they were at it, Ghandia talked to tribe mates Helen and Jan. She told them about what happened last night and what Ted supposedly did to her. She said that Ted had apologized but she didn't think he was sincere. She also suggested that the women stick together and take out the men. Later that day, Helen told Brian about what Ghandia said and about their plan to take the men out next time.

The next day, Brian talked to Ted regarding the issue with Ghandia. When he asked if something did happen, Ted denied it. After that conversation, Brian told Helen about Ted's denial and in turn, Helen told Ghandia about it. When Ghandia heard about Ted's denial from Helen, she went ballistic. She went to the edge of their camp crying, screamed her lungs out, and went on punching a piece of log to release her anger. Some of her tribemates thought that it was the most childish thing she ever did. After that, the team decided to have a discussion to resolve the issue once and for all. During the dicussion both Ted and Ghandia explained their sides. While Ghandia kept on accusing, Ted kept on denying. In the end, a team mate suggested that they leave the issue behind and start a new day and that's what they did.

At Sook Jai, waking from an afternoon nap, Jed realized that the fishnet (the one that they won during the 1st reward challenge) he was supposed to guard was missing. Together with Robb, they searched for it near the shore but to no avail. The net had already drifted far into the ocean. The rest of the team got very disappointed when they found out about it. They just lost their best chance of getting food.

The next Immunity Challenge came and it required the teams to solve a puzzle. They had to transfer a miniature Thai temple, split into sections, from one circle to another. In the process, they have to use all of the three circles and they cannot place a bigger piece over a smaller one. As the game started, it turned out to be a lopsided game as Chuay Gahn zoomed their way to their second straight victory. Jed's leadership of the Sook Jai team just resulted to confusion which, they failed to iron out.

Coming back from Immunity Challenge, some of the Sook Jai members confessed that they deliberately lost the challenge because they were eager to vote one of their tribemates off. Having no knowledge about the fact, Robb was convinced that the tribe had decided to vote Shii Ann off, whom he thought was their weakest member. It was revealed though during the Tribal Council that the majority of the tribe had other plans. They voted Jed off 5-3.

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