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Episode 13: Slipping Through Your Fingers

tribe: Chuay Jai (merged)

voted off: Helen Glover

The Votes
against Helen - 3 against Jan - 1    
- Brian - Helen    
- Clay      
- Jan      
Helen's Final Words

Well, that was a shock, especially since I asked Brian directly if I should plan on coming back tonight. I was given an emphatic "yes" and "Where's your confidence?" So I guess of the three knives in my back right now, that's the one that smarts the most.

I never doubted the knife from Clay; it's been there most of the game, and I'm a little surprised at the one from Jan. But maybe that's a character flaw I have, that I do trust people when they tell me something to my face.

I guess I was outplayed. I planned on staying longer, and maybe I was gotten rid of because I'm too much of a threat to win. That's the way I'm going to take it. So, the three of you that are left: break a leg! And I mean it.

Episode 13: Slipping Through Your Fingers

tribe: Chuay Jai (merged)

voted off: Jan Gentry

The Vote
against Jan - 1 against Ted - 4    
- Brian - Brian    
Jan's Final Words

My experience on SURVIVOR has been totally surreal. The adventure with people, the adventures of being mentally and physically challenged almost every single day, and living in a cave, have been totally awesome. As Mark and Jeff say, just soak it in; it goes by in a flash. And it really does!

But if there's one thing I've learned, it's that your family and your friends are all that really count in the world. Make sure you take care of them and appreciate them.

And another thing: if I've shown anybody out there anything, I hope I've shown them the will to try anything. Don't listen to the words "you can't do something"; "you're too young, you can't do it"; "you're too old, you can't do it." Give people the opportunity to tell you no. At least try.

Episode 13: Slipping Through Your Fingers

tribe: Chuay Jai (merged)

voted as winner: Brian Heidik

The Votes
for Brian - 4 for Clay - 3    
- Helen - Erin    
- Jake - Ken    
- Jan - Penny    
- Ted      

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