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Episode 12: The Tides Are Turning

tribe: Chuay Jai (merged)

voted off: Ted Rogers, Jr.

The Votes
against Jan - 1 against Ted - 4    
- Ted - Brian    
- Clay - Clay    
- Helen - Helen    
- Jan - Jan    
Ted's Final Words

Let me tell you: this has been a long and wonderful trip, an exciting experience, a life-changing experience, something that I will never, ever forget in my life. I looked over to the right at the number of torches that were eliminated and the number of experiences that they missed, and I tell you, I was truly blessed to make it this far. Sure, I would have loved to win, but it's okay, it really is okay. I go home with a memory that I share with my brother for the rest of my life. That was one of the most touching moments in my life. Again, this experience was absolutely amazing!

Oh, and one other thing: I also go home 60 pounds lighter. I lost 60 pounds while out here! Man, this whole once-in-a-lifetime experience was amazing. I really, really enjoyed everything about this total experience. One of the devices was to suck it all in. I sucked it all in, and I have no regrets whatsoever. This was fun!

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