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Episode 11: A Big Surprise... and Another

tribe: Chuay Jai (merged)

voted off: Jake Billingsley

The Votes
against Jake - 5 against Jan - 1    
- Brian - Jake    
- Clay - Helen    
- Helen - Jan    
- Jan      
- Ted - Ted    
Jake's Final Words

You know, I wanted to be on SURVIVOR for a number of reasons. One reason I wanted to be here was to win that million dollars so that I could replenish my retirement account. I'm almost 61; in fact, I'll be 61 real quick, and next year, I'm able to go on Social Security. So I was kind of looking forward to a little retirement income. But you know what? When one door shuts, another always opens. I had such a grand experience here. I met some of the nicest people I've ever been around in my life. Now I'll go back home to Texas and I'll be back with my Jeni, and I'll be the happiest little guy in the world. I was happy before I came here, but let me tell you: I'm so much happier now! I had an experience that most people can only dream about, and I had that experience. I lived for 33 days in the jungles, in monsoons and rains. I slept soaking wet many a night. I ate stuff that I could never have eaten before, snails, mussels, you name it, the worst possible food, probably existed on a couple or 300 calories a day, probably lost 30 or 40 pounds! But I want you to know, it was such an incredible experience, I'd do it all over again, but not until I've had a little bit of time to recoup. What an experience SURVIVOR: THAILAND is!

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