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Episode 6: The Power of One

tribe: Sook Jai

voted off: Robb Zbacnik

The Votes
against Robb - 5 against Shii Ann - 1    
- Erin - Robb    
- Jake      
- Ken      
- Penny      
- Shii Ann
Robb's Final Words

Where do I begin? I would like to embrace this moment and use it to tell everybody how absolutely thankful I am. To thank God, my family, everyone else involved in making this amazing life changing opportunity a part of my life

This experience has forever broadened my horizons and made me think of the importance of family and life and love. I will leave here a happy man because I've already won. There's no question in my mind. To everyone who has helped me in any way in my life -- thank you. To everyone who helped me make this experience a part of my life -- thank you.

Mom, Dad, Joe, Leann, Chase, everyone in my family -- I love you. I never expected to come here and leave this excited and inspired. I've had a rebirth in the name of faith, I think. I'm happy to go at this time and more thankful and excited then I've ever been at any time in my life

For anyone who had any part in making this a part of my life -- thank you. Thank God. Thank my family. I leave here happy because I've already won. I love you guys. Thanks.

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