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YOUR PICKS (after the finale)
1. sandmann91 - Iowa
ken penny ghandia
2. SurvivorLeo - Philippines
jake tanya shii ann jed
3. Craig Z.
jake penny ken shii ann
4. Marjohn B.
ken tanya erin shii ann
5. golf_oscar11 - Philippines
shii ann stephanie jake ken
6. JohnnyBoy - Pleasanton, CA
penny shii ann ken jan
7. invitro - Kingsport, TN
tanya ted jed jan
8. Jeff S. - Salem, OH
jan brian ted helen
9. BostonMike-e
helen jan brian ted
10. Rick S.
jake ken penny stephanie
11. Hilary - Maryland
ken ted jake erin
12. Mari Sands - California
ted brian erin jan
13. Meg - Madison, WI
jed robb stephanie penny
14. NewfieGirl - Toronto
jan helen brian ted
What an exciting season it was! But unfortunately no one predicted Thailand's final four castaways correctly. Anyhow, we still would like to congratulate all those who had Brian on their lists of the final four. Good job! Brian is the sole Survivor! Now, Survivor: Thailand is over but we hope that everyone joins us again in predicting the final four and the winner of Survivor: The Amazon.

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