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by Survivor Frenzy

Returning to camp after their first Tribal Council, the members of Sook Jai had a small talk about what happened. Shii Ann said that it wasn't a nice experience hearing her name read. Robb, on the other hand, said that he expected some votes. The concensus was that they don't wanna go through that experience again. They agreed to work hard in the next challenges and show the other tribe how strong they really are. The next day, Sook jai woke up to a nice morning. As the tide was low, pieces of squid was scattered along the shore. Stephanie started gathering as the others looked on. It was evident that Stephanie didn't feel so good about her tribemates. In their confessions, Stephanie criticized her tribemates for voting out Jed. According to her, there's no sense in voting out the person who contributes a lot to the tribe. Meanwhile, Robb thought that Shii Ann would be removed. On the other hand, Penny thought that the majority of the tribe made the right choice to vote out Jed. She said that Jed had pretty much been running the show all by himself.

On Chuay Gahn, the rift between Ted and Ghandia is becoming worse. As a result, the whole tribe had split along gender lines. In her confession, Helen said that she believes Ghandia's story while the men would naturally believe Ted's version. Ghandia meanwhile, expressed how vulnerable she feels because of Ted. She said that Ted has been avoiding her, not treating her as a part of the tribe. She feels that Ted brings an atmosphere of animosity that influences everyone. Basically, Ghandia felt alienated. In his own confession, Ted confessed how he felt about Ghandia. He said that he doesn't wanna see Ghandia ever again. On the other hand, Clay added that the first time he already smelled trouble the first time he saw Ghandia. According to him, he hoped that Ghandia wouldn't be on his tribe.

The next day, a tree mail came informing them of their next challenge. Along with it came a huge dummy and a set of painting materials they can use to decorate it. Although divided, the Chuay Gahn came together to decorated their dummy. All of them contributed in the process. However, It was not the case in Sook Jai. Stephanie stepped up and decided to decorate the dummy by herself. The rest of the tribe just looked on as she continued decorating. As they came to the challenge site, they were delighted to find out that the reward would be food. The winner of the challenge will receive bananas and a surprise food reward that will wait in their camp. Jeff then explained the rules of the challenge. It's very simple, the teams have to carry their dummy around the island and the first one to come back to the finish line wins. As the race started, the teams found out that it wasn't as simple as they thought. Aside from the fact that the dummy was very heavy, they had to navigate themselves along stoney paths, uphill and downhill before they can reach the finish line. In the end, Sook Jai's strength prevailed and won the reward.

Coming back to the island, Sook Jai feasted on the bananas they won. And as they arrived at their camp they found their surprise reward: Chicken! The tribe was very happy as they would get stronger because of the food reward. Even the usually frustrated Stephanie was happy. As the Sook Jai tribe was rejoicing, the Chuay Gahn tribe is having a difficult time mingling with each other. The tribe continued to separate into the men vs. the women. As the women of the tribe stayed at home doing all the "household chores," the men were out on the beach swimming and bathing in the sun. Brian defended themselves saying that they were out gathering food.

Immunity challenge came and it was a mental one. It was an age old puzzle. The two tribes have to form two images: fire and the tribal council in the image of a temple, using tiles of different shapes. Only two members of each tribe can get their hands on the tiles at a time. After they finished one image, they will be replaced by two other members. The rest of the tribe can only coach on the side. As the game started, the two tribes were head to head. Sook Jai finished their first image slightly ahead of Chuay Gahn. In the end, the Sook Jai tribe proved their worth and won another immunity.

Back at camp, The women started to plan out their strategy in voting out the men. Jan and Ghandia agreed to voted for Clay. Ghandia then went to Helen to tell her about the plan. Helen agreed with Ghandia but in her confession, Helen said that she is not yet decided. She admitted that she could be the swing vote. During the tribal council, it truly was a gender bender as Helen turned her back on the women and voted for Ghandia. Having four votes against her, Ghandia was removed from the island.

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