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by Survivor Frenzy

Night 21, the Chuay Gahn tribe eagerly awaited for the Sook Jai tribe to arrive from Tribal Council. Before coming back to camp, the remaining Sook Jai members had a little talk. Penny thanked the rest for letting her stay and encouraged them to rebuild their tribe. Upon arriving at camp, the members of Chuay Gahn asked them about why they voted Shii Ann off. In reply, the Sook Jai members said that Shii Ann was a threat to them. They said they knew Shii Ann had a deal with Chuay Gahn so she had to go.

The next morning, day 22, it was very "peachy" at camp. Penny suddenly started being nice to people from Chuay Gahn. According to Ted, it didn't feel genuine at all. Clay also felt that way and said that Penny's not gonna get anything out of him. Later that day, Jake and Brian went out to sea to escape from the things happening at camp. Helen, Jan and the rest of the girls were having their chat about food and recipes. According to Brian, Helen just talks and talks about her recipes 24/7. At sea, Jake and Brian parked their boat and laid down for a while. The two were able to talk to each other about their tribes. Although throughout the conversation, the two kept their guards assuring that no useful information leaks out.

Day 23, the tribes competed for immunity. The members of each tribe had to outlast each other underwater using only makeshift snorkles. Once a castaway surfaces for air, his/her time will be stopped. The tribe who has the longest cumulative time wins. As the challenge started, the two tribes lost their members one by one. In the homestretch, it was just between Jake and Brian. Since the Chuay Gahn tribe's running cumulative time was 15 seconds longer than Sook Jai's, Jake had to stay underwater for 16 more seconds after Brian surfaces to win immunity for his tribe. In the end, Jake wasn't able to outlast Brian. Chuay Gahn won immunity back.

The atmosphere back at camp was weird after the merge. For the Chuay Gahn tribe, they can't really celebrate their win because they feel that they should sympathize with the other tribe. Even if they wanted to rejoice, they just kept quiet. On the other hand, the members of Sook Jai were trying to look happy for Chuay Gahn. But Jake wasn't able to hide his emotions. He talked to Erin and cried about how he feels upon loosing another immunity challenge. Erin comforted him and told him that it's okay.

The next day was very emotional for Sook Jai. Before going to Tribal Council they said their goodbyes to the Chuay Gahn members. After that, they embraced each other and proceeded to Tribal Council. There, Erin received three votes eliminating her from the game.

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