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Episode 2: Storms

tribe: Jaburu

voted off: Janet Koth

The Votes
against Christy - 1 against Janet - 5 against Jeanne - 1 against Jenna - 1
- Joanna - Deena - Janet - Christy
- Heidi    
  - Jeanne    
- Jenna    
  - Shawna    
Janet's Final Words

It was an amazing week. It was a brutal week, but it was really amazing. Meeting each of you was quite an experience. Christy, I think that you are an incredible woman, and I think that you are a great role model for the deaf community. I just think you're a fascinating woman. I'm sorry that my teammates didn't take the time to get to know you like I did, because I certainly feel that that was probably the best part of this experience: getting to know you.

I was in way over my head in the physical department, no doubt about it. I found out I am not an Amazonian woman; I'm a Cancun woman. It was a really, really tough week for me, physically. I couldn't even really play my game, which is a mental game, because we were so enthralled in the physical aspects. Clearly, when it came to setting up our camp, we sucked at it! That's all there is to it. We were pretty clueless.

Anyway, I wish you gals a whole lot of luck. I think you're gonna need it. But once you get set up and organized, then I think that you can really, really begin to play the other part of the game, which is the mental part. So I do wish you a lot of luck. And those of you that make it through to the end, boy, you deserve every dollar you get, because that environment is incredibly tough.

I guess the only other thing I have to say is that for all of you middle-aged women out there that are thinking of having a midlife crisis, I would highly suggest a change of hairstyle. Because when it comes to midlife crises, I think I take the prize. So thanks, and good luck!

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