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Episode 7: Girls Gone Wilder
tribe: Jacare
voted off: Roger Sexton
click here for episode 7's TC transcript
The Votes
against Christy - 3 against Roger - 7
- Butch - Alex    
- Dave - Christy    
- Roger - Deena    
  - Heidi    
  - Jenna    
  - Matthew    
  - Rob    
Roger's Final Words

This is not a total shock to me. I'm surprised. I overestimated the confidence that two young men gave to me. I'm disappointed from that respect, because I truly grew fond of both Dave and Alex.

But it's obvious what came out. I said from the beginning I'm my worst enemy in this game, because I am very strong-willed, and I knew that I needed to keep it under reign.

I said coming into this I'm a wise old man and a deceptive old man. I don't think I got outwitted or outplayed, but I definitely got outlasted.

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