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Episode 5: Pick-up Sticks
tribe: Tambaqui
voted off: Jeanne Herbert
click here for episode 5's TC transcript
The Votes
against Butch - 2 against Jeanne - 4
- Christy - Butch    
- Jeanne - Heidi    
  - Dave    
  - Roger    
Jeanne's Final Words

I guess I wasn't made to play this game, because I didn't want to lie or cheat, change my integrity, and I know that's how I'm off right now. I made an alliance with Christy and Heidi, and obviously, Heidi broke it. I should have known from the beginning, because I've heard her lie and make up stories, and I don't think she's a very genuine person. Obviously. But hey, she played the game better than I did, and she wins, and I'm going home.

From the beginning, I never really bonded with anyone. JoAnna a little, she was quite different than I was. But I'm ready to go back to friends and family at home, because those are the real people that I care about. I really never bonded, never made too many plans. Shawna, possibly, I'll work with her a little bit, but I have no plans to continue my relationship here with anybody else.

I'm just happy who I am and what I am, and what I believe in. I did pretty good: I felt better and better every day, I grew strong, I didn't complain, worked hard. But that is obviously not the key to the game, because there are people that slept the nine days while I busted my fanny, and they're still here, and I'm not.

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