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Episode 5: Pick-up Sticks
tribe: Tambaqui
voted off: Jeanne Herbert
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Tribal Council Transcript

Jeff Probst: Welcome to your first Tribal Council as the new Tambaqui. First thing I wanna know is reaction... to the switch of tribes. Jeanne...

Jeanne: I was excited for a change, I really was. And the gentlemen here, they were gentlemen. they welcomed us, it really was great.

J.P.: Heidi, what does that do to your feelings of the old Jaburu, the women that are still on Jaburu?

Heidi: I adore Jenna so, i mean, I have no hard feelins whatsoever. She made a choice based on what she had to go with. I still love 'em all. I'm glad to be here just as much so...

J.P.: Christy, how has your assimilation with this tribe been?

Christy: These guys handled it so much better than the girls did when I joined their tribe. They were awesome and I just appreciate it. You know, they really tried their best to look at me and tried their best to really include me and not feel like I do have a disability which is just oh... I'm so impressed.

J.P.: So what do you do now? Somebody's going tonight. What's that gonna be based on Christy?

Christy: Alliances.

J.P.: So do you look at old alliances and give them a value? or do you say, you know, I can't... I'm in a new tribe?

Christy: Well, it's hard. We've only met these guys a day and a half. We didn't really have time to really mingle. I don't know... it is a very hard decision, and yes it's on numbers... and I'd have to say alliances. You know, alliance is what I can depend on.

J.P.: Well alliances give both tribes a 50/50 chance of being the dominant faction tomorrow. Right now you're even 3-3: three women, three men. So Roger, how are you voting?

Roger: It's a new day... i'm gonna vote who I think is the weakest link to go on.

J.P.: So old alliances with the men could be out the window. If Butch is a weak guy, that's the way it goes.

Roger: Exactly.

J.P.: Jeanne, how are you voting?

Jeanne: Weakest link... and alliance.

J.P.: And they both are the same.

Jeanne: uhumm...

J.P.: Heidi, how are you voting?

Heidi: I'd say... say, I mean, yeah... there's so many things that are on my head right now...

J.P.: Give me one.

Heidi: You know, I mean it's girls against guys; and then at the same time, we're a team. That's just kiling me right now... just like, you know... headspinning... and uh, it's killing me.

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