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Episode 7: Girls Gone Wilder
tribe: Jacare
voted off: Roger Sexton
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Tribal Council Transcript

Jeff Probst: Okay... The last time I saw you guys, before the challenge, you were heading out in a news boat as one tribe. Butch, what was the new tribe's first order of business?

Butch: Well, what we wanna do first was of course to establish a place of residency. And we felt it's important, at least I felt it's important, to include everybody and everybody's opinion. So, I said welcome together, as a team.

J.P.: Is that accurate Rob? Was it pretty inclusive?

Rob: Everybody had a part to play. If you didn't know what you're particularly good at, there was a couple of people that were more than happy to tell you where you should be going or what you should be doing. And uh, we did get the shelter up pretty quickly, so I guess it worked.

J.P.: Okay, I'll read between the lines. There were a couple of people more than willing to tell you what to do. Are you saying there were bossy people quickly or are you saying you like being subservient to people who decide what to do?

Rob: I like being subservient to people that decide what to do.

J.P.: Deena, did any woman viably participate in building the shelter?

Deena: Putting the logs together with the four corners of the foundation? No. But you know what? We so had the opportunity to rebond with one another and I think that is so far more important than putting together the four corners of the structure.

J.P.: Roger, you have a real smug look in your face.

Roger: You can't have too many Indians, in this case, creating a structure. I mean, if there were more than four of us putting together the foundation, it wouldn't have worked. But uh, it was gonna be done that way regardless. I mean, it was important for the new tribe to establish a very strong and stable structure as quickly as we could.

J.P.: Jenna, let's talk about the challenge today.

Jenna: Okay.

J.P.: Well certainly, you and Heidi provided a highlight at the challenge. Aside from the fact that you got naked for Peanut Butter, you guys jumped off from that perch, first two, and it wasn't very long in, we're playing for immunity. Where does the confidence come from to say... I'm really not worried.

Jenna: If one of us gets kicked off tonight because we jumped off for Peanut Butter and cookies, it was still worth it 'cause it was fun and it was really really good.

Heidi: I totally agree.

J.P.: Now Roger, you weren't long after...

Roger: Yeah... and I rationalized the whole thing. Hey, I'm not gonna win Immunity on this so I might as well just jump in.

J.P.: Wouldn't it have been different for you knowing that you didn't feel you could win but you knew you needed it? Would you have hung in there longer?

Roger: Obviously, if I really felt that I needed that Immunity, I would've given it my all... yes.

J.P.: Deena, you're the only one who cannot be voted for tonight. But, because you have that Immunity around your neck, if you thought there was somebody that needed protecting tonight, you can assign that immunity to somebody else.

Heidi: I choose not to. I choose to assign it to myself.

J.P.: It is time to vote, Jenna you're first.

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