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Episode 10: Q&A
tribe: Jacare
voted off: Alex Bell
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Tribal Council Transcript

Jeff Probst: We now bring in the members of our jury: Dave, and the newest member Deena, voted out at the last Tribal Council. 30 Days, the seven of you lasted in the Amazon 30 days... congratulations! Sadly, for one of you, 30 days is as good as it's gonna get. You'll become the third member of our jury, that is what is at stake tonight. Matthew, are you surprised at how well you're doing after a month out here?

Matthew: Yeah, I mean I had a pretty rough start. I had very little energy for a couple of weeks and I came back, and... yeah I'm surprised that my health is still intact.

J.P.: Heidi, other than a few spider bites and things like that, you're doing relatively well...

Heidi: The first week was rough, and I thought, "okay, if I can make it through this, I can make it through anything," and I did, and I'm still here and I'm feeling really really good.

J.P.: Alex, you gotta be feeling pretty good about how well you're doing right now. You still look good, you got a smile on your face, 30 days, not bad.

Alex: I'm feeling pretty good... I've had my rough spots out here but yeah, I'm feeling really good about how well I'm doing, how good I'm feeling after 30 days.

J.P.: Christy, how about for you? Now that you've weathered an entire month out here, these last nine days... piece of cake?

Christy: Piece of cake! I can totally do it.

J.P.: I'm gonna bring up something I'm noticing sitting here. Jenna and Heidi, you (Heidi) have a star, I think it's a star, on your face and you (Jenna) have a heart.

Jenna: It's a sun...

J.P.: It's a sun... okay. Are you at all concerned that by tattooing yourself with one other person, you are in a sense saying to the group, "well, I'm tight with Jenna so just know that."?

Jenna: It's not a concern because at this point in time, certain people bond more closely, you know, not just me and Heidi, you know, maybe a couple of other people too.

J.P.: Butch, is it a risky move to make a demonstrative display on your face like that?

Butch: Uhm... sometimes, I would think it is but this time... <can't understand>

J.P.: Rob, is it important in this game to really know your tribemates or is it only important to know the people you're aligned with?

Rob: I think that the biggest part of this game and often gets overlooked is interpersonal relationships, and not necessarily the people that you say, "okay, these are my friends." It's getting to understand what's going through the heads of everybody that's around in the game.

J.P.: Heidi, would you be somewhat surprised if you were voted out tonight?

Heidi: Yes.

J.P.: Hmm... Alex, be a little bit surprised if tonight it's you?

Alex: Sure. I'm gonna be pretty surprised if I got voted out.

J.P.: Christy?

Christy: I would not be surprised, in a heartbeat.

J.P.: Rob, you're wearing the Immunity necklace. I know you don't want to give it away. Rob is the only one you can't vote for, everybody else is on the block. It's time to vote. Christy, you're up.

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