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Episode 11: Sour Grapes
tribe: Jacare
voted off: Christy Smith
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Tribal Council Transcript

Jeff Probst: We now bring in the members of our jury: Dave, Deena, and Alex... our newest member voted out at the last Tribal Council. 33 days, not bad. Anybody here willing to fess up that they really weren't sure when this thing started that they'd make it this far?

<everybody raises their hands>

J.P.: Really? Jenna, why'd you have any doubts?

Jenna: Sometimes, people just don't like you and that's the only reason they have for voting you off. I'm judged all the time by just outside looks. I mean, I don't think that women take to me very well. I mean, "you're a stupid model, you can't hack it," so I feel like I've had to work twice as hard to get here and I think Heidi feels the same.

J.P.: Rob, Have you had to work harder?

Rob: Well, I was lucky in this game that I'm not handsome so I didn't have any handicaps like the girls found.

J.P.: So it's at that point in the game where two different philosophies seemed to begin to emerge: and one is "playing to win," and one is "playing to get as far as I can get." Are you noticing that start to emerge, Rob, within yourself?

Rob: No Jeff. Anything short of being the sole Survivor in this game, I will consider a let down. It's all or nothing for me in this game.

J.P.: How about for you Jenna?

Jenna: I came to the game to win, but I will not do certain things to get that money. I will not stab friends in the back, unless they stab me in the back first. I won't do it and that's where I draw the line, and that's where some people don't draw the line.

J.P.: Christy, is there a line you won't cross?

Christy: I don't know. I made it this far and I was like "gosh, I have a potential to make a million dollars." I'm gonna try to go all the way... and I think honestly, right now I think I am in the driver seat. I make the final decision.

J.P.: Really?! For tonight's vote?

Christy: For tonight's vote.

J.P.: Jenna, well-earned immunity today. You are safe. You can always give that necklace up if you want.

Jenna: I'd like to give it to Heidi. Strategy... that's all I can say.

J.P.: This is the first give-it-over. Jenna giving up her immunity to Heidi. Heidi is now the only person you cannot vote for, everybody else's head is on the block. It is time to vote. Heidi, you're up.

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