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Episode 3: Girl Power
tribe: Tambaqui
voted off: Daniel Lue
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Tribal Council Transcript

Jeff Probst: How are you guys feeling? Rob?

Rob: I don't think any of us are feeling that hreat. We're at Tribal Council for the second time which is two more times than any of us have wanted to be here. So, I think we're feeling pretty lousy right now Jeff.

J.P.: How about you Dave?

Dave: 8 guys certainly don't like to loose against 8 girls, and we had a slow start but uh... I really... I'm fully confident that we can come back and pull some big wins in the near future.

J.P.: Roger, do you feel a little like Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King? You're letting down an entire gender here.

Roger: We did everything as best we could and... hey, they beat us so...

J.P.: Matthew, how about you, how hungry? Scale of 1 to 10.

Matthew: I'm about an 8...

J.P.: That's pretty hungry.

Matthew: ...Manioc is getting very old. I have a hard time keeping it down.

J.P.: How about you Alex?

Alex: Maybe about the same as Matthew. I'm 8, maybe even a 9. Mmm... I'm hungry and I'm feeling it.

J.P.: Daniel, how about the fishing? How many hours a day are you guys working on that?

Daniel: We're actually going out there a couple of hours a day at least.

J.P.: How many hours of daylight you figure you get out here?

Daniel: About 10.

J.P.: Roger, did you fish today?

Roger: No, I'm not a fisherman... I didn't fish today.

J.P.: Matt, how long?

Matthew: I fished for about an hour.

J.P.: Would you say it's fair to say, "Hey Jeff, if you were watching this you'd see we're putting forth everything we can to try and figure this out."?

Matthew: I think we can spend more time out there.

J.P.: Let's talk about friendships. Daniel, feeling any bond with any of these guys?

Daniel: Well, the person I get along with the best is Matthew. He was born in Hong Kong so he's probably more Chinese than I am; and, he knows how to speak Chinese so that's a definite plus. Um... I'm different than anybody else. I'm one Asian guy versus seven other white guys. Even though I was born and raised in U.S., just... before I speak I stand up from the rest and sometimes that makes me an outcast.

Rob: That is completely false. I don't think for one second, any of us said that we're gonna treat Daniel any differently because his relatives are from a different country than our relatives are maybe from. We're all from different places and from different backgrounds, and we all realize that everybody's different and that's what makes us unique.

J.P.: Roger, you were shaking your head a little bit. What's your assessment? I mean obviously, there's friction between you two guys.

Roger: My frustration with Dan started when I asked him to go down to the lake and get the water; and, he kinda hesitated and, you know, you need to help me kind of a deal. So I said, "screw it buddy, I'll go down and get it myself."

Daniel: In defense to what Roger said, he's been barking orders like a (?) since day one. Um... I mean, he doesn't ask nicely. So I said, "fine, you wanna do it, go ahead."

J.P.: So friendships out the window.... It is time to vote. Daniel, you're first.

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