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Episode 4: Trapped
tribe: Jaburu
voted off: JoAanna Ward
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Tribal Council Transcript

Jeff Probst: Welcome back to Tribal Council, not a place you wanna be, I know. Tough last three days for you guys. Long winning streak really, and then two challenges in a row, both based on survival, both losses. Heidi, what was the reaction of the group?

Heidi: I think we were actually all pretty surprised. I mean, we feel like we've got our act together and we felt like the reward challenge was a loss, but we were so ready to come in and kick some butt. So, I mean, we feel like we're surprised that we lost.

J.P.: Last time you guyse were here, you wer all in agreement you needed a leader. What happened on the leadership front?

Heidi: We just threw out ideas of what needs to go on, who might be a good leader; and Jeanne elected Deena to be the leader, and we all agreed that that was a good idea.

J.P.: Okay Jeanne, so you elected Deena as leader. Is there an even distribution of work now?

Jeanne: Uhm, yeah. There's an even distribution of work.

J.P.: How is that decided? Is it all on Deena, or do you guys now have a routine?

Jeanne: Basically, we're following a routine. Whatever we're good at, that's where we go.

J.P.: What are you good at?

Jeanne: Bringing home the food.

J.P.: Are there roles that... certain people are hunting now and other people are maybe preparing the food?

Jeanne: yeah, JoAnna and I and Christy have been hunting and we come back and these guys prepare the food.

J.P.: JoAnna, you're definitely a provider in this group. You're also a mother in real life. But, I don't necessarily see you taking on a mother role out here.

JoAnna: No, I've kind of left that to Deena and Jeanne. I think they do that a little better than I do. I try to keep the spirituality and the emotion stability going, so I do a lot of singing and saying quotes and doing things like that. I don't have daughters, I have a boy. He's very boyish and I'm kinda boyish. And so I let them do that and feel good at it.

J.P.: Deena, when you get up in the morning, do you assess your tribe? Is that part of your responsibility?

Deena: Yes. I know who's not doing so well and who is doing better than ever.

J.P.: Give me an example of both. Who's doing better than ever?

Deena: Christy. Christy doesn't complain. Christy just goes forward. She's right there and joining (?) on the spot. Uh... Shawna's not doing well.

J.P.: What about that concernship?

Deena: Well obviously, we wanna beat the boys. We don't wanna come here again, and so we need to have the physical strength to get us to go on. So that's what concerns me. Can she contribute as much as the other members? Not right now.

J.P.: All right, it is time to vote. Heidi, you're first.

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