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Episode 6: More Than Meats The Eye
tribe: Jaburu
voted off: Shawna Mitchell
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Tribal Council Transcript

Jeff Probst: You got a weird vibe tonight. Is it sad tonight already? Hey you guys definitely have a look that I haven't seen before. Shawna, what's going on?

Shawna: Well, I don't think anyone wants to be here right now, and we were so just... the last thing we wanna do right now. We have such a phenomenal chemistry between the six of us and no one wants to see anyone go. But, we're here and so it's a total bummer.

J.P.: Alex, anybody that you think... I almost wish I had met you back because I think this experience is so weird that it might make it hard to pursue anything.

Alex: Yeah, totally. If I met Shawna... not here... yeah, totally, I'd be all about like ask around, hangin out with. She's awesome.

J.P.: Deena, you're noticing this... yeah, something's happening?

Deena: Oh yeah, there's some sexual heat there. No, it's been a lot of fun, and I do call it "Love Shack" because we all are right there. There's a lot of positive energy that's being provided. When we talk about one another's lives and... it's really been a lot of fun.

J.P.: Now within the "Love Shack" you still have to stay dry, you still have to eat... Matthew, let's talk about what's happening with roles.

Matthew: I relish the role of provider because I think that we, as a group need to eat well and eating 12 fish for dinner really is a great thing.

J.P.: Rob, what's your role. You're always good for a laugh. Is that your role?

Rob: I like to try to keep the tribe entertained. I feel like anytime that we're bored or just sitting around doing nothing, that our energy level is just sinking. So I'm always trying to think of a bunch of games, or stupid songs to sing, or any sort of thing that we could just have a group discussion about, because I feel like it really helps not only to break the ice, but also just to keep everybody's energy level up... and it's really fun.

J.P.: How about for you Shawna? I know you've had some up days and some down days in these first 18 days. How're you feeling now?

Shawna: I'm doing awesome. I've gone from probably one of my darkest hours ever as a person, just completely in the dumps, just want out. But... and then all of a sudden since we got this infusion of energy from the guys and the dynamics changed, and all of a sudden the game's picked up. It feels like it's a game and it's fun. All of a sudden, I went to the most like ultimate high. I'm glowing these days.

J.P.: So give it to me, you are in this for the long holding? Are you here?

Shawna: Of course I'm in for the long hold. What I needed was someone to take my head out of my butt, and they did it.

J.P.: Deena, is this a hard vote for you or because you're not part of the young group, are you able to just step back and say... at least I don't have that headache.

Deena: Fortunately, I can say that I'm part of this young group. I would say that this was... is the absolute most difficult vote that we've had to date.

J.P.: Difficult enough. It is time to vote... Jenna, you're up.

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