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Episode 8: Sleeping With The Enemy
tribe: Jacare
voted off: Dave Johnson
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Tribal Council Transcript

Jeff Probst: Hello guys! Let's talk about how pwoplw are fitting in now. Matthew, in the past when we talked about fitting in you were pretty honest in saying, "I haven't totally fit in." Has that changed?

Matthew: It's completely changed. When we merged here and started to spend more time together, I found that people were a lot more interested in what I have to say. I feel like I have some true friends and I feel like it's great genuine realtionships.

J.P.: Rob, a lot of facial expressions during the answer.

Rob: I'm just so happy with Matthew's progress. I was with Matthew for the first fourteen days of this game in Tambaqui, and he really was kind of secluded to himself. And now, I think that he's fit in so well now and he really has become an invaluable part of this tribe.

J.P.: Heidi, let's talk about the Immunity Challenge. There really was no hiding what was going on. It's designed to let people know where they stand within the tribe. What was your thoughts on how the game played out?

Haidi: I thought it was really interesting that the four girls were the last ones left. I really didn't expect that to happen, like whatsoever. The guys pretty much eliminated themselves, instead of working against the girls.

J.P.: And Matthew, on the other hand, you were the first one taken out of the challenge followed closely by Dave. It's gotta tell you something about what people are thinking about you.

Matthew: No kidding, I wasn't very happy where I fell. But hey, that's the way the ball bounces.

J.P.: Dave, same question. Why do you think you were taken out?

Dave: You know it is a game, it's an individual game at this point and a group of people might see me as a threat, and therefore wanna get me out as soon as possible. I'm in a pecarious position right now and I know that my name will come out tonight, and hopefully it won't be the majority, but we'll see. These next 3 days are important to me and I would like to spend them with the eight people that are sitting down here in front of me.

J.P.: Deena, can an obviously heartfelt plea like that ever sway a vote, if indeed that vote is already heading Dave's way?

Deena: If I've learned anything during the course of my lifetime, human emotion can be dictated by human sentiment. And I absolutely think there's people who had question marks in their head and said, "Alright well I told these people I would but, oh gosh, I just can't do it tonight." So yes.

J.P.: Jenna, you have immunity around your neck. If you feel comfortable enough within the tribe, you could offer it to anyone else in exchange for something.

Jenna: I couldn't say anything that could be exchanged for immunity. It's mine and I'm gonna keep it.

J.P.: Alright, wella as we have clearly illustrated tonight, at this point the game definitely changes because you are no longer just voting people out. You're voting people out who you are then going to ask to come back as a member of the jury and decide ultimately who will be the sole Survivor. It is time to vote. Deena, you're up.

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